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    Connecting to Nokia 6610i thru DKU-5 cable

    I am able to use the API from Nokia PC Connectivity 3.0 SDK to send and receive SMS in VB. However, I am not able to get the Caller ID.

    So, I turn to serial communication. This, I can get the Caller ID, but unable to
    receive DTMF from the caller.

    What AT command should I issue to serial communications to listen on
    DTMF tone ? IS thata possible ?

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    Re: Connecting to Nokia 6610i thru DKU-5 cable

    How can I connect my nokia 6610i to my PC?
    My OS is Windows XP (service pack2).
    I have tried PC suite 6.1 and 6.6 with DKU-2 cable connector.
    My PC shows msg: "unrecognized usb devices", "unknown devices".
    Please help me

    Tareq Rahman

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