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    Red face Flash Lite Customize UI

    Hi all,

    I have searched some documents about Flash Lite.
    And most documents (downloaded from Adobe or Nokia) seems
    only provide "Customized UI" solutions for Handset OEMs & Consumer Electronic OEMs.

    But in document "Flash Lite for S60 - an emerging global ecosystem"
    A section call "Flash Lite in action > Customized user interface".
    It says a UI costomization framework for S60(in S60 3rd FP1) will allow S60 licenses to create compelling customized UI.

    Does it means that all developers can use Flash Lite in their application to
    redner flash content or create more compelling UI when S60 3rd FP1 release?

    Or only OEMs like Nokia can use the feature?


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    Re: Flash Lite Customize UI

    Hi Poyo_shiu,

    To display information you can use (since S60 3.0) the flash lite plug in of the browser control API. There is only an issue with getting data out of the flash movie, due to security restrictions.


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