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    Deleted files appearing in Gallery (n80)

    Hi there,

    Can anyone help me / tell me how to refresh or rebuild the gallery on my n80?

    I have about 50 'broken boat' icons in there and a load of strangely behaving mp3 icons, that all link to images and mp3's that I have deleted from my phone!

    I think the problem was caused by using my PC to delete old images with the phone plugged in as a mass storage device.

    The extremely useful </sarcasm> manual says I should do options>free memory but there is NO SUCH OPTION! I think it was something that never got implemented.

    I haven't tried to reset my handset as I'm not sure what the ramifications of this would be re: contacts/installed programs etc... (tips on how to do this would be appreciated too) and I don't want to do it if it isn't going to work!



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    Re: Deleted files appearing in Gallery (n80)

    I had the same problem, just solved it.
    I explain:
    1) Download Y-Browser. This is a free file manager which is very small but incredibly useful.
    2) Install it and then run it.
    3) Navigate to wherever the image/video files are (probably on E, your SD card).
    4) In the IMAGES and VIDEOS folder you will see probably subfolders, inside these subfolders, there will be a folder called _PAlbTN in the same path as the image. Delete it, all the _PAlbTN folders.
    5) After this, you switch the phone off.
    6) Switch it on and go to Gallery - Images/Videos.
    7) Now you will see that Gallery is updating again with the right images and videos.

    Hope this will help you.

    Now I see it is an old message, anyway this will help other users too, special after a firmware update from your N80 or maybe other devices.

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    Re: Deleted files appearing in Gallery (n80)

    Hi all
    let me remind you that this is developer oriented discussion board. Where only issues related with development are discussed for enduser queries try at http;//discussions.europe.nokia.com.

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