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    Unhappy HELP!! Identifier Expected?

    This is a Carbide Express problem:
    I get a compile time problem "Identifier Expected" for the first _LIT in the .cpp source extract below. If I move the line to the .h file I get the SAME 'error' for the 2nd _LIT in the list. If I move all the _LIT's to the .h I get a DIFFERENT error on the next line of code (not shown).

    I only have this one error in my build and can't move forwards without fixing it. I don't think its the code at fault 'cos the 'error' just seems to move through the .cpp file into previously correctly compiled code.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    // table 'Log' name and column constants
    _LIT (KLogIndexName, "LogIndex"); // table index
    _LIT (KLogTable, "Log"); // table name

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    Re: HELP!! Identifier Expected?

    Check your code for missing semicolons or closing parentheses.

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    Re: HELP!! Identifier Expected?

    Fantastic wizard hu!! The problem was a missing semicolon on the last brace of the .h file that was a #include immediately before the 'error'. Thanks for taking the time to reply, as a newbie to C++ and Symbian there is a very steep mountain to climb, and simple mistakes are the order of the day!!

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