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    Problem while registering Carbide.vs 2.0.1

    I installed Carbide.vs 2.0.1 which worked fine for 14 days after which it asked for registration.When I went to register, It asked for a serial number and I did not find any serial number provided for existing users in nokia forum.(I had already made a user earlier)
    So the registration process was not successful.

    After that I uninstalled the Carbide.vs 2.0.1, but when the click the "Register Now" option feom Visual Studio .Net, I always get the message that
    "Registration Component failed". Please let me know what should I do so that
    I am able to start the registration process again.


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    Re: Problem while registering Carbide.vs 2.0.1

    See VS Help -> Carbide.vs 2.0.1 Help -> Troubleshooting for resolution.

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