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    Error building a wizard generated project

    Hi there.

    I am getting a new nokia phone based on the symbian S60 version 3 OS (the N91 actually ) and I am interested in writing my own applications. I am using carbide and I am having trouble building the wizard-generated projects. This is what I did:

    1) Installed Carbide.c++ express. (I have no previous installations of the Eclipse IDE, so this was my first)

    2) Installed the Series 60 version 3 SDK. Specifically, the file I downloaded and installed is named: S60-SDK-0548-3.0-f.3.215f.exe

    3) Ran Carbide, clicked on File->New->C++ Application for S60 project.

    4) Entered a standard name like 'HelloWorld' and chose the S60 3.x GUI Application template and clicked on finish after that.

    5) Clicked on Project->Build Project.

    6) The build is interrupted and the error returned is 'the file HelloWorld.rsg cannot be opened'. The file with the error is HelloWorldAppUi.cpp and the line is #include <HelloWorld.rsg>

    If I comment the include directive for that file, it would return me the error , 'undefined identifier R_COMMAND1_TEXT'. I know the resources are all located on the file HelloWorld.rss but performing modifcations here and there just gave me more errors.

    What am I doing wrong and how would I build this successfully? I have had prior experience creating applications for the Windows Mobile 2003 OS on C++ as well so I don't think I would have much problem following any advice/help.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Error building a wizard generated project

    Your expectation of how this should work is certainly correct.. But did you remember to download and install perl?

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    Re: Error building a wizard generated project

    Ah. That I did not do. Let me go download ActivePerl and try again.

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    Re: Error building a wizard generated project

    Oh yes!

    It works now. Thanks a lot for the assistance. Appreciate it.

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