Dear all,

I'm seeking feedback for few ideas related to Symbian Platform Security tools. The ideas are related to Native Symbian application development to S60 3rd Edition. We are considering tools that could help developers in their development and certification process' and I would like to hear if you see these or some other tools helpful for developers.

The four ideas I would like you to evaluate related to Symbian C++ application development & certification to S60 3rd Edition are:

1. Certificate manager
Tool to manage different certificates. Enabling for example self signing certificate creation and possibility to create Symbian Signed Developer Certificate request creation. Makes it possible to easily change the certificate you use to sign your SIS files with Carbide. Naturally viewing capabilities and IMEI's of your developer certificates is in place.

2. PlatSec scanner
A plug-in for Carbide to scan you source code and give a high level list of capabilities which the application would require. There are certain areas where the capability scanner would not necessarily be 100% accurate. For example when the application uses layers which determine the capabilities run time. But over all it would provide on a high level a list of what could be needed.

3. Epocwind.out displayer
When you run your application in the emulator and you have specified certain settings, the SDK will generate a log file which lists, among other things, the capabilities needed by the application during run time. Currently the log file is text file and the idea is to make a proper view for reading such information.

4. Capability requirement manager
In short: You need a capability, what type of requirements does that bring to your application? A simple tool or presentation allowing you to select capabilities you need and as an output listing all the requirements your application has and things you need to go through.

Please consider if any of the above mentioned tools would bring additional value to you as a developer. I would also appreciate ideas of any other tools which we could create to help your work. This post will be here untill Friday the 25th of August when the feedback will be gathered.


For Risto H by Ron L