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    How to create tone sequence for midp2


    i try to compose tone sequence for midp2 phones.

    I tried to play some midi files i've created, but in some emulator it causes crashes...

    it seems that the only guaranteed to work audio format in midp2 is tone sequence.

    i know that tone sequences can be saved in .jts files, and play by midp2 phones...

    my question is: is there a tool to convert midi files to jts files?

    or if it doesn't exist, is there a tool to compose music and save it in jts format?

    or a tool that can save in both midi or jts format...

    thank you!

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    Re: How to create tone sequence for midp2

    hi toufic,

    if you have Sun WTK installed (if not install it) go to apps directory:
    and review java source file,
    I don't remember exact class file name but there is example implementation there on how to build custom tone sequence from various input types,
    for example they describe how to create tone sequence using output files from popular ringtone composers and other things,


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    Re: How to create tone sequence for midp2


    thank for the response.

    I'll check it!

    See you.

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    Re: How to create tone sequence for midp2


    Sorry for the plug but my book covers this in detail in its own chapter on ToneControl. Check out http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1590596390.

    Vikram Goyal,
    MMAPI Book,

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    Re: How to create tone sequence for midp2

    Hi people,

    I still dont get some basic stuff. Kindly assist me with the following :

    1. Bt default (i.e without MMAPI support), is TONE_SEQUENCE the only format the device would play?

    2. jts files perhaps contain TONE_SEQUENCE data for a certain music clip. How to create jts files? Any converters/composers?

    Overall, I just want to create some sound that will work on devices which support MIDP2 but NOT MMAPI.

    Thanks in advance

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