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    first steps Series60 3rd edition + carbide.c++

    hi all,

    i'm doing first steps with my new n80...i'm tryng to run carbide's "helloworld" (blank application). the building process is ok and i'm able to self-sign my sis and to install application on device. but i've two problems:

    1. when i install my sis on memory card the installation process goes fine but my icon does'nt appear in the phone's menu :\
    2. when i install it on phone's drive all goes fine too, and the icon is shown but application does'nt start!! (without any warning)..simply nothing.

    can anyone tell me why? or give some suggestion?
    is possible that a blank application from carbide without any change on emulator is ok and on device does not start at all?

    hope someone can help me..

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    Re: first steps Series60 3rd edition + carbide.c++

    Hi All!!

    i've solved the problem just deleting all and re-doing all process from the beginning :P


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