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    Question Emulator...n.... Program

    Hi All,

    Can any one give me some clue what gone wrong in the following:

    1. I have UIQ 3 Based program, which compiled and linked successfully
    2. Compiling and Linking process achieved using Command prompt (old fashion)
    3. 'WINSCW udeb' version created and
    4. Program registered in Emulator, as I can see the icon of my program.
    5. When I click on the icon of my program. It flick and do not RUN
    6. I tried to recompile and twice reinstalled SDK but emulator does not run the program.
    7. Only good thing is same program work on actual device M600i correctly.
    8. But I need to Debug, hence I need to work on Emulator.

    Is any one have solution for this remedy? Much appriciated.

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    Re: Emulator...n.... Program

    looks to me a some resource files are missing from where it is try to load the UI.

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    Re: Emulator...n.... Program

    Can you bit more elaborate ... which resource(s) files required to run... all the required DLLs are in the same directory "C:\Symbian\UIQ3SDK\epoc32\release\winscw\udeb" and that contains.
    1. Directory contains One .Exe file
    2. All required DLL's
    3. Codewarrior's created .LIB files
    4. What else required????????????????

    to load successfully in emulator?

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