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    Question S60 3rd edition Http downloaded file saving problem

    Hi All,
    I have a problem in saving a downloaded file.

    1- I downloaded a file and saved it to \private\UID\a.dat
    (worked fine on emulator and on device too)
    2- Then I downloaded file (which was a zip file) and saved it at same location.
    (worked fine on emulator but application crashed while on device)
    3- Then i tried to download that file to \resource\app\ and application crashed on emulator too.

    Please suggest some way to handle this.


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    Re: S60 3rd edition Http downloaded file saving problem

    Don't know about the probleam with the app crashing on number 2)
    But for 3) your application will require AllFiles i think to be able to write to the \resource directory. Because this is now a protected area under symbian OS ver 9.1.

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