Hi, i am a new guy here in this forum and i hope you will help for me.
I downloaded some themes, change from one to other in my phone,
but after 3 weeks i could not change them because there was no free memory in my phone (not in memory card). I have no games, java aplications... I can see that there are used ~200kb, but phone is showing for me that there are free space only ~150kb, while there should be ~6mb.
I tried reseting factory setings (didn't help), switching phone off and on (didn't help), removing battery (didn't help). What should i do? When i connecting my phone with usb cable and choosing properties the pc is showin ~7mb used, ~150kb free. I cannot find where i could erase this used space of my phone memory. Please help me.
Nokia 6280; V 03.60.