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    URGENT: Nokia6600 blocked!!!!!

    Hello everybody,
    i've got a very big problem today! I changed the "protection code" that's is automating activated after 5 minutes. It was 12579 and i changed to 112579. I'm sure it's so, but it isn't! Everytimes when i write this code my mobile phone doesn't get unlocked! I'm happy that this protection works so well for stealing people but this time the unfortunated man is me!!!!
    Could anybody of you help me to unlock MY phone????
    I hope you reply me as soon as possible!
    Thank you very much.

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    Re: URGENT: Nokia6600 blocked!!!!!

    hi Jack,

    try user manual, maybe that's somewhere mentioned,
    I even don't know how to do google'ing for that,
    you need a person who had the same issue before I think - or simply contact your carrier service or nearest Nokia store (if there is any in your area),
    sites like that one:
    mentions user guide and requesting special unlock code from service in case of other "security lock" issue (.e.g with device wallet),


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