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    Java and phone interaction -- How?

    #1, I am a newbie here. I believe this is my first post, although I have had this account for a very long time. Lurker.

    #2, I am no Java developer. I simply installed a Java product I like, saw a couple of features lacking, contacted the original developer and he told me he believes there's no way to do what I asked for, but to let him know if I find out how.

    #3, I hope this is the right forum to ask this. If not, moderators would you be so kind?

    Device: Unlocked Nokia E61

    Is it possible to have a java app:
    a) Beep and/or play a sound (I am sure this is a yes).
    b) Light up the device screen if its in standby mode.
    c) Light up the e-mail LED on the E61.

    If so, could you please tell me how and I will let the developer know?

    Feel free to ask for more details if needed in order to offer your feedback.

    See, this is sort of an e-mail client that needs to notify the user when new mail arrives. The developer included a vibrate function that doesn't work. I am hoping other typical notification methods will.

    Thank you all in advance!

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    Re: Java and phone interaction -- How?

    hi Razor,

    you can play a tone sequence or playback short audio file simply by using MobileMedia API (JSR135) in java, Sounds like "beep" are simply short sequence tone:
    Manager.playTone(tone, duration, volumeLevel)
    java application on E61 should be capable to:
    - vibrate with using MIDP 2.0 method of Display object:
    - flahs bakclight for a period of time:
    I'm not awared is there is a specific Java api to acces that LED you've mentioned,


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    Thumbs up Thank you!

    peterblazejewicz, thank you so much for your detailed feedback! It's just what I needed.

    I have submitted this URL to the developers and they have told me they will do their best to include this in the next version.

    Hopefully, someone else will have done something like this for the E61 and knows how to use the e-mail notification LED.

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