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    Alternative to BlueSoleil drivers?

    So, i bought an cheap USB dongle, and it uses BlueSoleil drivers (a big on that one), and they... well... they stink. Sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn't. So... Are there any alternative drivers for it? I tried uninstalling BlueSoleil and using WINXP SP2 bluetooth stuff, no dice.

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    Re: Alternative to BlueSoleil drivers?


    is that related to Nokia device programming?
    I'm using cheap Bluetooth USB dongle which works fine with default bt drivers provided by Windows system - it cannot be used as real device for Nokia SDK emulators which support limites set of BT cards/dongles though - but works fine if used with standard taks performed with Nokia PC Suite tool,
    if that is related to using that software you've mentioned visit product support page:


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    Re: Alternative to BlueSoleil drivers?

    No it's not with Nokia device programming, it's with Nokia PC suite. It's rare that i can make a working connection to my Nokia 6630 becouse of the BlueSoleil drivers. Theyre unstable.
    EDIT: Using 1.6.4 drivers and software.
    EDIT2:From BlueSoleil forums:
    Got sort of same problem; contacted NOKIA support; be advised that no NOKIA PC SUITE will support IVT Bluetooth Blue Soleil sotware beyond ver. 1.6

    So You need to install Soleil ver 1.6 or lower and then wait for Nokia to release yet another PC Suite update.
    So ill be searching for some older drivers now
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    Re: Alternative to BlueSoleil drivers?

    Install the latest version of BlueSoleil's drivers (ver. 2.3) and the PC Suite will works fine!



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    Re: Alternative to BlueSoleil drivers?

    Did you install the very new PC suite version ( 6.82 )?
    The previous version didn't work by bluetooth in a my PC with winXP SP1 and bluesoleil dongle connecting to a n91 device.
    With this version I found OK the BT connection.

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