I need to transfer a users archives of SMS text messages from a Nokia 6680 running Symbian v2 to a Nokia E61 running Symbian v3.

The System Mail folder (containing all MY FOLDERS containing sub directories of 100's of archived SMS messages) from the 6680 is on an 512mb MMC. The E61 has a MiniSD 1gb card.

In the past I've transferred SMS text message archives between phones by transferring the System/Mail directory from one memory card to the other and configuring Mail on the phone to use Memory Card - so I can see the SMS archive on the new phone.

However, this doesn't work when transferring from the 6680 to E61. Maybe the Symbian v3 file system is different/incompatible with version 2?

Has anyone successfully transferred SMS text folders from a 6680 to E61 or similar phones? If so how?

Many thanks!


NB Using PC Suite or saving individual SMS messages and transferring via a PC doesn't work for me