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    Need sample code!

    I need a sample code that contains:

    1) An input textbox
    2) Changed menu (for example two options add to menu)
    3) Chang the input textbox text to "test" on press a special button (like main button 'button in center of joystick)

    Please send this sample to me if it's possible for you! Please.
    -I'm using VC++ 6.0
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    Re: Need sample code!

    1a) 'editor' example of any pre-3rd edition S60 SDK, if you like it, start reading aknexeditorcontainer30.cpp and aknexeditorcontainer33.cpp
    1b) 'query' example of any pre-3rd edition S60 SDK
    2) 'menu' example of any pre-3rd edition S60 SDK, focus on CEikAppUi::DynInitMenuPaneL. Note that it is easier to hide existing menu-items than adding new ones
    3) in OfferKeyEventL of 1a, you can pre-process/filter keypresses before you forward them to the editor control

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