We have packaged a Flash Lite file (swf) as a sis application for Series 60 3rd Edition. Our swf is a networked application. The sis file installs correctly, although, everytime it accesses the network, the user is prompted to select the network. If we download the same swf file through the mobile phone browser (the swf executes embedded on the browser), the user can access the network without any problem (the user isn't promped to select the network on every access).
We have signed our application with the Basic developer certificate (one IMEI only which gives us the following capabilities: Local Services, Location, Network Services, Power Management, ProtServ, Read User Data, Surroundings DD, SW Event, User Environment, Write User Data).

Can this be a capabilities problem (Network Control capability, which is only available for Phone manufacturer approved certificates) ??

Any help would really be appreciated. We are getting out of time to finish this mobile application, which must be packaged as a sis file.

Thanks in advance.
Victor Batista