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    Nokia PC Suite Auto Update, can you disable it?

    hi guys:
    we know that there sometimes are PC Suite installation problems , so we think its a good idea to just use one particular version of PC Suite like 6.8 and if new version released we want to test it first before getting our clients to install it.
    But we also know that nokia PC Suite auto detects update from the web and prompt user about new version, i mean although we could tell our clients to ignore it but its nicer to disable it first.....
    So anyone got any ideas of how to deal with this?


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    Re: Nokia PC Suite Auto Update, can you disable it?


    Did anyone ever find a fix for this? We'd also like to disable the auto update, as we push out PC Suite via group policy, and our users don't have local admin rights, so can't install the software themselves.



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    Re: Nokia PC Suite Auto Update, can you disable it?

    Disable PCSuite Web Updater:

    + GOTO %LocalDrive%\Program Files\Common Files\PCSuite\ConfServer folder
    + OPEN confserver.xml in notepad and find "WebUpdateEnabled" value
    + CHANGE the default value (1) to Value="0". Save and Exit.

    Hope this helps...


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