I'm studying the SDK (Symbian S60 since 7.0), trying to find some APIs to find out why the communication sometimes fails, covering all kinds of communication: voice calls, SMS, MMS, e-mails, WAP service, HTTP errors, USSD, video calls, etc. All this tests should end in a report to useful to the net operator.

-Why an e-mail or MMS was sent/received unsuccessfully.
-Errors during browsing WAP, internet.
-Errors during a video call. Time to stablish the call.
-Hoy much data has been used during comms.

Also, I'd like to measure the bandwidth used to transmit data (sending/receiving MMS and e-mails, navigating through WAP, or internet, etc)

Unfortunately I can not find anything suitable. I think the SDK hides these kind of errors, that are transparent to the developer. May be I need to use a lower level of development, with a different SDK.

Could any Nokia developer give me some advise?
Am I able to meet these requirements with the standard SDK?
Do I need to be somekind of platinium member?

Thank you all.