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    binary message via UCP


    I have a strange situation:

    I use smsj api (http://smsj.sourceforge.net/ - with some changes) to send binary sms to a midlet using UCP/EMI.

    When i send a binary message the message is not dispalyed(is not received) on Nokia phones (i tested on N80 and 6260) but when i change the SIM to another phone (Siemens A50 and Samsung SGH-X100) all messages arrive into the inbox as binary-unreadable messages, all messages that was sent hours ago, with the SIM in this old phones(my Siemens and Samsung phones) when i submit a sms to SMSC the sms is instantaneous displayed on the phone.
    My midlet is working fine because if i use the modem to send this binary messages all is working ok. If my application is closed, when i send a binary message to Nokia N80 and 6260, the message is dispayed into the inbox.
    But with UCP the message is not received by the application nor by the phone inbox.

    Here are the UCP strings:

    UCP UDH=07060504C350C350
    >>>>>>>>>>>> Sending: 37/00152/O/51/0724044995/8222/////////////////4/0216/152242583622064D170506070809000C2036414C570B1621436307////////1139//020104010807060504C350C350///CF
    <<<<<<<<<<<< Received: 37/00043/R/51/A//0724044995:280806122119/51

    from the SMSC i receive an acknowledge...

    Any idea? First i believed that something is wrong with UDH but the header is the same when i use the modem (07060504C350C350)

    Here are the fields that i set when sending binary ucp sms.

    ucpSubmit.setField(UcpSeries50.FIELD_OTOA, "1139");
    ucpSubmit.setField(UcpSeries50.FIELD_OADC, sender.getAddress());
    ucpSubmit.setField(UcpSeries50.FIELD_ADC, destination.getAddress());

    ud = StringUtil.bytesToHexString(pdu.getUserData().getData());
    udhData = pdu.getUserDataHeaders();

    // Add length of udh
    String udhStr = StringUtil.bytesToHexString(new byte[] { (byte) (udhData.length) });
    udhStr += StringUtil.bytesToHexString(udhData);
    System.out.println("UCP UDH=" + udhStr);

    ucpSubmit.setField(UcpSeries50.FIELD_MSG, ud);
    // Numer of of bits in Transperent Data Message
    udBits = pdu.getUserData().getLength() * ((isSeptets) ? 7 : 8);
    ucpSubmit.setField(UcpSeries50.FIELD_NB, StringUtil.intToString(udBits, 4));
    // Set message Type fix to 4
    ucpSubmit.setField(UcpSeries50.FIELD_MT, "4");
    // Store the UDH
    ucpSubmit.addXSer(UcpSeries50.XSER_TYPE_DCS, pdu.getDcs().getValue());
    ucpSubmit.addXSer(UcpSeries50.XSER_TYPE_UDH, udhData);


    When i send text messages (7bit) via UCP all is working fine, the message is receiven on all type of phones.
    This is text message that is working fine:

    >>>>>>>>>>>> Sending: 02/00232/O/51/0724044995/8222/////////////////3//41206E6577207265706F72742077696C6C2061727269766520696E206170726F782E2035206D696E2C20706C65617365206F70656E204D6F62696C65205265706F7274696E67206170706C69636174696F6E////////1139/////A2
    <<<<<<<<<<<< Received: 02/00043/R/51/A//0724044995:280806163535/50

    Thank you,


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    Re: binary message via UCP

    I believe that is something wrong with UDH.
    Nokia has another standard for UDH?
    I must change something in UDH when i am using UCP?
    Do you know some links to UDH documentation?

    Thank you,

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    Re: binary message via UCP


    I have tried this with now.sms. To avoid mistakes about UDH i chosen now sms default UDH for Nokia Smart Messaging ringtones.

    here is my post to now sms board discussion:

    I try to send binary messages to Nokia phones using UCP protocol. The SMSC respond with an acknowledge but the message is not received by phone (tested on Nokia N80 and 6260).
    But on other phones is received into the inbox (Siemens A50 and Samsung SGH-X100).
    If i take the SIM from the Nokia phone and put it in my Siemens A50, all messages are received, mesages sended hours ago.

    I put a sniffer to watch the communication between now.sms and SMSC and that are the strings:

    28/00225/O/51/0724044995/8222/////////////////4/528/024A3A51CDBDB99C04004AD89517 61981A81641761981A81C81A81981781581381981781581741761981A81641761981A81C81A81981 781581381981781581720000///1/1//////0107060504158115810201F5///D5

    30/00225/O/51/0724044995/8222/////////////////4/528/024A3A51CDBDB99C04004AD89517 61981A81641761981A81C81A81981781581381981781581741761981A81641761981A81C81A81981 781581381981781581720000///1/1//////0107060504158115810201F5///CE

    32/00225/O/51/0724044995/8222/////////////////4/528/024A3A51CDBDB99C04004AD89517 61981A81641761981A81C81A81981781581381981781581741761981A81641761981A81C81A81981 781581381981781581720000///1/1//////0107060504158115810201F5///D0

    and the answer from the pople from now sms:

    That is a bit of a mystery. I don't have any ideas for a solution. But I do have some ideas for things to try that might give us more information.

    1.) Is it possible for you to connect one of those Nokia phones up to NowSMS as a GSM modem?

    I'm curious whether you experience the same problem sending these messages through a GSM modem as you do going through your SMSC connection.

    2.) There is an experimental update for NowSMS 2006 to add support for UCP/EMI delivery receipts. I'd be curious if you get back a delivery receipt when sending to the Nokia phones, even though the message does not appear.

    Here's the thread about this experimental update:


    3.) It looks like you are sending Nokia Smart Messaging ringtones. What if you try sending a simple WAP Push message to the same phones (just include a URL and some short text in the push ... leave other values at their defaults).

    Why Nokia Phones does not respond to this SMS?

    Thank you!

    Mihai Vasilache

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    Exclamation Re: binary message via UCP

    Hello Mihai,

    I am facing the exact same problem. I am using UCP to deliver WAPPush message to an SMSC. The SMSC says that the message are delivered, but nothing shows on the phone. This case is specific to nokia phones such as 7270, 6230, 6111, 6020 and 6021.

    The weird thing is that the messages work for other brands such SonyEricsson.

    Where you able to find a solution to this problem?

    Ayman Abi Abdallah

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