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    Mobile-with-PC communication help please

    Hi to all!
    Can i implement TCP protocol "thru bluetooth" connected to my PC?
    Can i use RSocket?
    When i'm trying to connect to PC using RSocket "choose access point" ui appears. Can i avoid this? Thanks. Here is an example code (port and IP addresses are correct):

    RSocketServ ss;
    RSocket socket;

    const TInt KEchoPort = xxxx;

    TInetAddr destAddr;

    resolver.Open(ss,KAfInet, KSockStream);

    socket.Open(ss,KAfInet, KSockStream, KProtocolInetTcp);

    I need to implement some kind of client application on phone and server application on PC.
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    Re: Mobile-with-PC communication help please

    IP over Bluetooth can be achieved, but the methods involve proprietary software and sometimes special hardware.
    The two methods I use:
    - Bluetooth PAN profile: requires BT PAN software (I use an NRC sw that is not available for the public) on the device side for access point registration and a Bluetooth dongle supported by the Broadcomm/Widcomm drivers
    - Bluegiga IP over BT: requires a Bluegiga WRAP hardware (it is a BT router) and a special software for AP definition
    And indeed both methods are rather cumbersome and a bit messy.
    I have also heard about achieving IP over BT using Linux, but that approach also requires some software for defining a BT access point on the phone side...

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    Re: Mobile-with-PC communication help please

    What about Gnubox?

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    Re: Mobile-with-PC communication help please

    Yes i've heard about GnuBox and the first method that wizard_hu_ posted.
    Thanks for enlighten me.

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