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    Tip: Sending MMS to the 7650 and the T68i

    My company is currently deploying a web application which targets both the Nokia 7650 and SonyEricsson T68i and uses Nokia's MMS Java Library version 1.1 to encode and send MMS messages. Getting these two phones to display messages generated by the same code was tricky, so I thought I'd share two tips on constructing "cross-device" MMS messages.

    Tip 1: Use content IDs to identify parts, not content locations.

    The T68i appears to be very particular about the format of content locations in a SMIL part. We found that content locations like "A0", "A1", and "A000" would cause the phone to display a broken image when the message was viewed while messages with content locations like "foo.jpg" and "foo.gif" displayed correctly The phone did not appear to have the same difficulty with content IDs, so we switched to using <A0> and src="cid:A0". Whether you generate the SMIL part as we do or just use a canned .smil file, always specify your content parts with content ID.

    Tip 2: Remove any <?xml version="1.0"?> declarations from your SMIL

    The Nokia 7650 absolutely refuses to display MMS messages if the SMIL part contains an XML declaration before the <smil> tag. If anything appears before <smil>, the phone will show the infamous "display as objects" error message. This is unfortunate for developers who are generating SMIL using standard tools because most Java XML libraries require the XML declaration. Until the day when the phone firmware contains a W3C-compliant XML parser, the solution to this problem is to always strip out anything before the <smil> tag. We found that the resulting SMIL will work on both the T68i and the 7650.

    Hope these tips help!


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    RE: Tip: Sending MMS to the 7650 and the T68i

    Tip 1 -- oh, really? That's very interesting to know -- we have had troubles with developers using Content-IDs in their code, but not putting "cid:" in front in the SMIL, so we have been promoting the Content-Location method. Guess we need to still take look at this.

    Tip 2 -- yes, this is a known problem, which I believe should have a fix available via a sw upgrade by now.

    THANKS for sharing these tips!

    -paul / ForumNokia

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    RE: Tip: Sending MMS to the 7650 and the T68i


    Im having the same problems with Nokia 7650. My smil presentation works just fine on nokia T68i, but it doesnt work on nokia 7650.

    Here is my smil:

    <meta name="title" content="MM"/>
    <meta name="author" content="MM"/>
    <meta name="copyright" content="MM"/>
    <root-layout background-color="white"/>
    <region id="layout_Center" top="0" left="0" height="100%" width="100%"/>
    <region id="layout_Top" top="0" left="0" height="50%" width="100%"/>
    <region id="layout_Bottom" top="50%" left="0" height="50%" width="100%"/>
    <par dur="10s">
    <img src="cid:c00004.gif" region="layout_Center"/>

    Whats wrong with my smil? Im using Nokia java api v1.1 to send the message. To set the content parts, Im doing like this:


    What should I do to make it work with both Nokia 7650 and T68i, since it just works with T68i?

    Tks a lot,

    Rodrigo Melgao

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