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    Emulator http trouble in console app


    I'm having trouble getting a basic RHTTPSession::OpenL() call to succeed when testing my code in a console app. Running the code in a GUI app works just fine.

    I'm using the 3rd_MR SDK and believe I've given the program sufficient capabilities: NetWorking ReadUserData

    When the OpenL() method is called the emulator pops up a dialog with:

    Unhandled exception at 0x0283bd6c in HttpFun.exe: User breakpoint.

    Checking the epocwind.out I find near the end:

    6.595 Thread EcmtCore.exe::EcmtSdkPluginWaitThread created @ 0x29c1fec - Win32 Thread ID 0xed4
    6.600 Thread EcmtCore.exe::EcmtSdkPluginWorkThread created @ 0x29c235c - Win32 Thread ID 0x6cc
    6.625 Thread EcmtCore.exe::EcmtSdkPluginWorkThread Panic KERN-EXEC 0
    6.695 HTTPPLUGIN:[0a90401c] created
    6.695 HTTPPLUGIN:[0a90401c] destroyed

    This doesn't give much information. I'm starting to wonder if accessing the HTTP API is possible at all from a console app?

    Best regards Jakob

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    Re: Emulator http trouble in console app

    I have similar problem, I have Vista OS , on XP its work ok, if somebody know solution please help

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    Re: Emulator http trouble in console app


    Did you manage and can you post a sample ?

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