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    Thumbs up Nokia PCSuite setup trouble: the ultimate solution?

    Dear folks,

    it seems that many of you experienced the same trouble during installing Nokia PCSuite 6.8 (or others) on your PC like me:

    When you've installed PCSuite obviously successfull and try to connect to your phone (in my case via USB) an error occured like (no available connection type) (german: kein Verbindungstyp...)

    Further phenomena are that
    1. under \programs\commonfiles\pcsuite\ (depends on your system) a couple of files and folders are missing.

    2. in "control panel -> software" the entry "nokia connection manager" is missing but its present in "control panel" itself

    3. when you doubleclick on "nokia connection manager" in control panel an error with "Init iMediaControl2" comes up.

    I spent lots of hours with browsing newsgroups and discussion boards!
    I don't want to bore you with the details.
    But finally I've managed to install Nokia PCSuite 6.81 rel 13 (ger) successfully!!

    I'm so happy, so I want to let you know some tricks, how to solve your problem as well!

    In many threads you can read about the missing files and you're advised to copy them from a working installation and register the DLLs.
    In fact the missing files are a consequence of a failed installation.
    If you try to correct that manually, it may fail.
    You've to solve the cause first!

    Usually the cause is/are entries in the registry that are remainder of a former installation.
    Unfortunately these are hard to find!
    They are not always named "nokia" or "pcsuite".

    Nevertheless with some tools and a reasonable expenditure you may succeed.

    Follow these Steps:

    !! FIRST OF ALL !!

    1. Before you start, create at least a RESTORE POINT or even better draw an IMAGE of your system partition!
    2. You should be experienced in editing the registry!
    3. For the following steps you should have administrative rights (e.g. logged in as administrator)
    4. This description works for Windows XP (pro) SP2. I think, other OS will behave similar.

    Uninstall current versions of PCSuite

    With the Nokia uninstaller or from control panel -> software you should first uninstall all Nokia Software (PC Suite; Cable Driver, Connection Manager, ...)

    Reboot your system!

    Use the Nokia Register Cleaner

    From Nokia homepage you can download "Nokia_PC_Suite_Cleaner_3_4.exe"
    This SW is intended to remove the rest of your PC Suite installation.
    Start this prog. and choose step by step all of the options. Please reboot after each step when the program advises you to do so.

    Clean the registry and the harddisk

    Search the registry with tools like "ccleaner.exe" or "registry system wizzard" (RSW) for entries like "nokia" and "pcsuite" and delete them (may be some

    Search your harddisk for files and folders (dont forget the hidden dirs!) for files like "*nokia*" and "*pcsuite*" and delete them.

    Search for installation remainder

    With the Microsoft tool "CleanUp" (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/290301) it is possible to remove registry keys of unsuccessful uninstalls of programms
    that have been installed with Microsoft Installer (MSI).

    You should download this tool and install it.
    After start it shows entries of programms that have been installed with MSI.
    If you find an Nokia entry let it delete it.

    Be aware: CleanUp does only remove the registry keys, not the program files on HDD!

    Switch on logging for MSI

    If you switch on the logging for MSI, you can examine the setup-protocol files for errors to find out what goes wrong.

    Microsoft describes how to activate logging:
    http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314852/EN-US/ (english)
    http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314852/de (german)

    This article helps you to read the log files:

    If you've enabled logging start the installation of PCSuite.
    After that search the log files (usually located in your %temp% directory) for keywords like "information" or "error".
    In the vincinity you'll find a hint to the error occured.

    For a detailed description of the error look here:

    In my case the log files showed error 1721.
    An expected value regarding the "connection manager" hadn't been found in the registry.

    I searched the registry for this special key.
    (I used RSW since it shows you all findings at one glance and allows you to export the keys)
    I exported all found key(s).
    After that I deleted them.

    Possibly this solves your problem as well.

    !BE CAREFUL! When searching your registry for "connectionmanager" or "connection manager" do not mix it up with Microsofts "DBconnectionmanager".
    Delete the keys only when you are absolutely shure that it is a Nokia entry!!!

    !! When you've your PCSuite up and running don't forget to disable MSI logging since it may slow down your system!!


    If nothing helps you, you may try a re-install of windows.
    Or/and run systemfilecheck "sfc.exe /scannow" from "start -> run".

    I don't think that this is really necessary, since it does not remove the remainder in the registry.
    And according to my experiences the latter are the real cause for the trouble, but are very hard to find in the registry!

    I would be glad, if one of these hints solves your problem or at least brings you a bit further!


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    Re: Nokia PCSuite setup trouble: the ultimate solution?


    I've been having the same probs as you and I've gone through all the processes that you mentioned.

    Here is a summary of what I've been going through - just wondering if you could help:

    Windows XP SP2
    PC suite 681
    Connecting via Bluetooth

    1. Everything used to be fine - used to sync with phone & pc with no problems. Then over a period of time syncing would error even though the two devices were connected.
    2. I found a solution here: http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/...essage.id=7337
    So I reset the phone and uninstalled the PC Suite software.
    3. I then downloaded the latest PC suite software and attempted to install.
    4. At installation I get error 1721 right at the beginning of the installation and the process terminates.
    5. I cleaned all traces of Nokia software from the folders and registry and even used NokiaPCSuiteCleaner
    6. Installed again receiving the same error.
    7. I've enabled error logging and I get the following detail:
    Error 1721.There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor. Action: PCS_UninstallOldProducts, location: C:\Temp\MSI31.tmp, command:

    I can't find any reference to PCS_UninstallOldProducts on the web but it's definitely an error that's being caused when trying to uninstal previous version - even though I've removed every reference to Nokia from the PC.

    Thanks in advance!

    Padzster (living in hope)

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