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    DM features to Device Specifications


    Could we PLEASE get the DM features as part of the Forum Nokia Device Specifications. Most important would be to know what protocol version and enablers (FUMO, Nokia ADM, SCOMO, etc.) are supported? Detailed information about the supported MO's and features would be nice, but currently even the basic information is not available!

    ...Or someone could just update the table on:



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    Red face Re: DM features to Device Specifications


    Sorry about reposting the topic and not reading


    But as an addition to updating the information in DM&Sync-page, I think it would valuable to have the same information automatically as part of the Device Specifications. This way you would always have updated information, not just when someone remebers to update the html-page. Bonus points would come from being able to search Device Specifications per feature

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