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    Question AppForge Crossfire!

    Can I use AppForge Crossfire to develope software for Symbian S60 using C#.net?!

    If yes, can I do any thing like C++ in Crossfire? ( I mean, I want to play wave through phone line when there is an active call, like answering machines. -recording an playing waves through phone line in Symbian s60 device).


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    Re: AppForge Crossfire!


    You can use C# to develop Crossfire applications.
    However the abilities are limited especially when it comes to hardware related issues.

    Basic .NET stuff usually goes well, but Crossfire has to support all the .NET Classes used in the project.

    Read Crossfire Class reference and Crossfire support for .NET CLR to find out what can and what cannot be done.

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    Re: AppForge

    I am trying to find a copy of Appforge Developer Tool.
    Does anyone have this?

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