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    HTTP Client

    Hi, I have a Nokia 6630, and I am in the process of making a basic J2ME application to POST to a web server, on my Ngage it runs fine, and posts, gets the requested data, but on my 6630 I get a Symbian error -5120 (No Response from DNS server).
    On a J2ME emulator the application also runs just fine, and POSTs the data, so there is no issues with my actual code.

    I tried porting the code to Python, yet I have the same problem regarding the program being unable to access the web.

    My access points are set up properly, because Opera and Nokias internal browser surfs the net just fine, yet third party J2ME/Python applications cant. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this/what setting it might be?

    I asked the same question in the Python forum with error messages posted, but they dont seem to know what the problem may be.

    Btw, my provider (not vodafone) only provides 2 access points, 1 for WAP and 1 for MMS, the WAP is a WAP 2.0 access point, and I read somehwere that WAP 2.0 AP's are nothing more but HTTP proxies. There is no GPRS access point as such, but the phone uses GPRS to connect. I cant use 3g as my network doesnt support it yet.

    My 6630 is Vodafone branded, version 2.39.15 if that would be of any help.

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    Re: HTTP Client

    After updating my firmware, it made no difference at all. I found the solution though, I had to contact my mobile provider (Meteor) and asked them to activate the actual internet on my phone, and not put me behind a proxy. For some reason J2ME applications dont automatically connect through the proxy. So make sure your APN's are actual internet APN's!

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