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    Arrow about mobiluck...

    hello folks, i'd like to know if somebody have any idea of how works the "Who's in" of "mobiluck": http://www.mobiluck.com. The interesting point of this application is if a mobile with bluetooth activated coming in the range of visibility of another one with mobiluck running the last one detects the first one, and all is automatic. What happens here?, how can i program that?,
    thanks very much for all you can provide me, see you soon, sorayita.

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    Re: about mobiluck...


    just guessing (never programmer real bt app yet):
    each client is running in server mode so it can listen for incoming connections (requests) and/or tries to run discoveries from time to time?
    devices are cached (retrieveDevices())
    donwload that stuff and try using two different devices, you should get some ideas just by guessing how application works on real devices,


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