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Thread: N73 Messaging

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    N73 Messaging

    I've read a review for N73 @ infosyncworld and one of the comments listed there was that n73 has no sent items folder in messagin app. is this true? bec. i always check this folder w/ my good old n6600 to verify if i sent a reply or sms someone.

    I'll be getting my n73 the next couple of days. but before that, i need someone to answer my question above...


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    Re: N73 Messaging

    Check page 48 of N73 User manual available at http://europe.nokia.com/A4162149

    "Messag. contains the following folders:
    Sent—The last 20 messages that have been sent,
    excluding messages sent using Bluetooth connectivity or
    infrared, are stored here. To change the number of
    messages to be saved, see ‘Other settings’, p. 60."


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