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    w.r.t Maze racer program

    I am narrating my problem w.r.t the maze racer program provided by Nokia. In the file Community.java, after the statement comm.sendGamePacket in run() method, the control goes to the processEvents() method. Here the control jumps to the switch case wherein the event of ItemList.GAME_PACKET bearing the id 116 is handled. I was unable to see this control flow in my program which i created. Could u correct me if i am wrong and please explain me any links between the two above mentioned methods if i am missing???

    Dheeraj Gundapuneni.

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    Re: w.r.t Maze racer program

    Hi Dheeraj,

    I am not sure what problem you are refering to or did the answer to your question in thread http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...ad.php?t=88483 help you?

    If not, could you paste here a small sample code consisting the problem you are talking about.

    - Heidi

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