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    Test SMS-C supporting cimd2


    does Forum Nokia still offer cimd2 connections for testing purposes?
    We have added some funstionality to our cimd2 implementation and would like to test it against a real SMS-C.
    Is this possible and where could I find more information about this?

    Best regards,
    Jarkka Kivikanta

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    Re: Test SMS-C supporting cimd2

    Unfortunately Forum Nokia doesn't offer CIMD testing services anymore. Operators may provide such services.
    M Forum Nokia Tech Support

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    Re: Test SMS-C supporting cimd2

    Infosoft provides complete CIMD2 Simulation environment. The tools have been successfully implemented and tested on Windows, Linux and Solaris platforms. The CIMD2 Simulator supports all SMEs like:

    a) Send-Only,
    b) Quering and
    c) Receiving SMEs.

    The following operations are suported:
    a) Operations from SME (Short Message Entity) to MC (Message Center):
    1.. Login
    2.. Submit
    3.. Cancel
    4.. Enquire Message
    5.. Delivery request
    6.. Set
    7.. Get
    8.. Logout
    b) Operations from MC to SME: Deliver message and Deliver status report
    c) Common Operation (alive): Alive

    We provide complete CIMD2 Simulation environment, i.e.,

    a) CIMD2 Simulator (Server): Works as the message center for handling requests and response of CIMD type.
    b) CIMD2 User Interface (CIMD2 Client): It generates PDUs, sends to the server and receives the response from the server.
    c) CIMD2 supported WAP Client: It is used for receiving CIMD2 type messages (in addition to MMS)
    d) MMSC Simulator: We also provide MMSC Simulator that has the option of sending MMS to CIMD Server.


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