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Thread: Need Help

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    Smile Need Help

    I would to ask:
    is there any update for N70 that would add a third option
    for network selection that called UMTS because there are two:
    GSM and Dual Mode,
    Otherwise, N90 contains three and UMTS included. However, N70 and N90
    use the same platform - S60 2rd Platform - so, i am so confused.

    O.K if not? is the next software update for N70 will be included?

    can u help me?

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    Re: Need Help

    Have you tried both phones with same SIM card? Do you have 3G service in your account?

    Check also the manual available at
    Page 95 for example

    As this is a site for developer questions you might be better served if you ask this in a discussion board concentrating on end-user issues. For example


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    Yes dear ,
    I have 3G service , and also I tried both phones.
    I don't know why one of them contains either other not for
    UMTS band or mode for the same platform can you give an advice?
    Moreover , some phones munifacturers like motorola , it added UMTS
    into its phone (V3x) for 3G support otherwise Nokia N70 supports 3G but
    no UMTS exist.
    I suggest any phone on NOkia that supports 3G , it is much better contains
    UMTS option for network selection.
    So, can you forward this for who concened about software updates ?


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