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    ZipException while starting midlet in S60 3rd SDK


    i have a midlet which works great on N80, but i don't get it running on the S60 3rd SDK for MIDP under WTK 2.1

    Everytime i start this midlet i get
    "Jar file could not be initialized. Caught exception: java.util.zip.ZipException: invalid entry compressed size"

    The strange thing is, the same midlet starts without problems on older S60 version (like Prototype_2_0_S60_MIDP_Emulator) but i need it running on a S60 3rd edition SDK.

    BR, Sebastian
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    Re: ZipException while starting midlet in S60 3rd SDK

    hi Sebastian,
    could be known issue:
    and most probably there is a solution for that,
    maybe something with config? (tools/sdk paths to be strict),
    I haven't had such issue with S603rdEd/NokiaPrototype4 emulators,


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