Need HELP.
Sorry for my English.

I need to develop some app with BIO message parser.
I have:
1. Code warrior 3.1
2. Series 60 SDK v2.0 (& v2.1).
(develop only for Symbian OS with C++. NOT J2ME!!!
Target device is Nokia 6600.)

I have created Bif file (<...>.rsc), mbm with image, parser dll.
It will placed in /system/Bif, /system/Data, /system/Parsers
And I want to debug DLL (parser) when SMS message will be receive "Inbox".

1. I can't find any documents about send/receive SMS's proccess with emulator. How I can emulate it on Device emulator?
2. I have no idea how I can debug DLL (eg. parser for BIO message).
3. SDK help 7.0s have got small description about BIO_INFO_FILE:
icons_filename(KMaxFilename)=""; Filename of the MBM that contains the icons to be used by the BIO message type.
But have nothing about ICON SIZE (for ex. Nokia 6600 or Series 60 which should be?) and COLOR DEPTH ( c24 or c12 & etc.)?

Can anybody help me? Thunx for any answers with any ideas or URL's to docs, descr's & etc. Becourse I'd like following: make sis, install it on the phone, send SMS to myself and witch what's wrong... :(