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Thread: Interrupt

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    Unhappy Interrupt

    hi guys,

    i am be cse student
    i am trying to devolope an application which should invoke application automatically on remote mobile ?
    both my and remote mobile have my software!!!
    the remote application must handle interrupt of sms and also read text of sms and send it to other mobile phone automatically as mms?
    is it possible?
    please help me


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    Re: Interrupt

    You can use the PushRegistry for automatically starting the application with an sms. Once started, it can accept and process incoming sms's.
    Your Midlet will ask the user to confirm starting the Midlet and most probably for sending an sms or mms too. Depending on your phone model this confirmation will be once or per sms.

    Try this link:

    Good luck

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    Re: Interrupt

    thanks rputhli..

    i got the needed information.
    but i want no user interaction.
    the mobile will be placed remotely then how can we always run an application?
    Shridhar Puandare

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    Re: Interrupt

    you'll have to sign it and then to setup the correct permissions
    there are hundreds of posts on the topic, and probably some specificaly about your device

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