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    6070 modem driver

    hi guys , please help me out, i got 6070 nokia handset recently, am unable to connect it as a modem to my pc,i found out the latest pc suite 6.81 does not have modem driver for the handset...i have tried all possible means, the nokia concept store could give me info. that it can be connected with irda.. but it is slow.. i do not know where to get the 6070 nokia modem driver for the ca42 cable.

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    Smile Re: 6070 modem driver

    Although you shd have resolved the issue, just sharing some piece of information about connecting the modem to nokia 6070.

    I, first tried using the DKU-5 USB data cable. It didn't work for me (immediately after connecting to 6070, it gave me "Data Enhancement not supported").

    Then I tried with a local CA-42 adapter cable, which I purchased for just Rs.330/-. When i connected to 6070, it did gave me the same error - "Data Enhancement not supported". But, after several different tries (The CD supplied along with the local CA-42 cable, gave me a COM2 port and I had to manually select it - the COM1 port doesn't work) I was able to sync the data between 6070 and my pc. But, it was no guarantee, that every time it worked. I had to connect, re-connect again and again and at some particular point, it got connected and was highly unstable.

    Also, I was not able to connect to the internet. It gave me a "No Modem installed" message. I tried various combinations (installing/uninstalling pc suite, changing drivers etc), but at times the results were un-predictable, that some time, it re-booted the pc with out any notice.

    Finally, I decided to go for a original nokia CA-42 (Driver for Connectivity Adapter Cable CA-42). What a beauty! It is just a cake walk. I had nothing to do, except to follow the guidelines.

    So wht makes the difference? The CD that comes along with the CA-42 cable, provides the "connectivity adapter driver". Once you have installed that, then you can use pc suite (infact - One touch Access, lauchable from pc suite) to detect the modem - Nokia CA-42 GSM USB Modem - in 6070 and you can start surfing. pc suite is definitely needed and can be downloaded from http://www.nokia.com.sg/nokia/0,,88451,00.html. Also, don't forget to select your network operator correctly from the One touch Access -> Settings.

    There is also a link to download the Nokia CA-42 cable driver - http://www.nokia.com.sg/nokia/0,,95897,00.html - but, i have not tried it.

    Also note, when you use the original nokia CA-42 cable, you can see status messages as tool tip on the tray icon pc suite (such as, "Nokia CA42 GSM USB Modem (OTA)is now Connected Speed:115.2 Kbps").

    Also, I noticed, that the original CA-42 cable has only 6 pins (2 pins are taller than the other 4) from the left side and the remaining part were empty, whereas the local CA-42 had more pins and stretched full.

    So, the moral of the story - Always use Nokia originals for a trouble free usage!

    Last but not the least, I bought the nokia CA-42 cable from nokia priority show room and it costs Rs.1740/-, five times higher than the local cable!!


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