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    7710 restarting continuously

    When I was downloading a pic to the Laptop suddenly there was an incoming call and the phone hanged. When I switch the phone on after that, it continuously keeps on restarting. Opening the cover, removing the battery and starting it again did not help.
    Need experts help on this. Thanks..


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    Re: 7710 restarting continuously

    I would suggest you contact the closest Nokia Service point and/or ask this same question on Nokia support discussion pages (like http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/). These boards are concentrating on developer issues.

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    Re: 7710 restarting continuously

    Hi aravindr! Welcome to Nokia discussion Boards!!

    I guess it will be better to take your device to a nearest Nokia Care/Service center, so that they could help you in this regard.
    Also please note that this is Mobile Application Developer Discussion Boards, Nokia end user products support questions should be addressed at Nokia's online support sites http://www.nokia.com/support not here in Forum Nokia.
    Also there are some localized product support forums and one that is monitored and where you can get attention and solutions http://discussions.nokia.co.uk/discussions/. If you post your concerns there you may get a response from there.


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