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    transfering data to sim


    I have got a nokia 3510i .
    How do I copy all the contacts in my phonebook to my
    sim card ?

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    Re: transfering data to sim

    Check page 49 on User Manual available at

    "You can copy names and phone numbers from the phone’s memory to your SIM
    card’s memory and vice versa.
    1. Press Names or Menu and Phone book, and select Copy.
    2. Select the copying direction, From phone to SIM card or From SIM card to
    3. Select One by one, All or Default nos.
    • If you select One by one, scroll to the name you want to copy and press
    Default nos. is shown if you copy from the phone to the SIM card. Only the
    default numbers will be copied since your SIM card may not support multiple
    numbers stored under one name.
    4. To select whether you want to keep or erase the original names and numbers,
    choose Keep original or Move original.
    • If you select All or Default nos., press OK when Start copying? or Start
    moving? is displayed."


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