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    Using http connection with port other than 80

    Im using an http connection in my application.
    Until now my application used the default port 80 (http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xx/what ever) and worked.
    Now, for test reasons, I have the same code but on another port. So the url is: http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xx:3000/what ever

    It seems that the device is ignoring the port and the request is not getting to the http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xx:3000/what url but to the default port 80 , the 80 , the http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xx/what ever url

    In addition im trying to download the application over the air using the http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xx:3000/what url but nothing happens. I have a status bar " connecting"….

    Is there some way to bypass these 2 problems??

    Is this a known issue?!

    Please help!


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    Re: Using http connection with port other than 80

    answers started in this thread

    I am closing this duplicate thread.


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