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Thread: video recording

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    video recording


    I have the Vrex example downloaded from forum.

    I don't want to play the recording stuff using the VideoPayerAdapter.
    I just need video recording activity.

    I tried with VideoViewFinder, VRexEngine and VideoRecorderAdapter from the downloaded example.

    When I'm starting viewFinder, it's working. But when I go to record actually, then it's comming out of application.

    I didn't implemented MPlayerUIControllerListener in my application UI class, because I just want recording stuff.

    Does it necessary to implement MPlayerUIControllerListener?

    Please Help.


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    Re: video recording

    Hello friends,

    Still not solved the problem I discussed in previous thread.

    While debuging my code I got memory leak at
    iUtility->OpenFileL(/*KNewVideoFileName*/filePath, aCameraHandle, iControllerUid, iFormatUid);
    line in following code.
    And because of it my app get exits, and I'm not able to do video recording.

    Where as the same code in Vrex example is working fine.

    Please see the code bellow:
    HTML Code:
    void CVideoRecorderAdapter::StartL(TInt aCameraHandle)
    	// Set callbacks for UI updates
    	TFileName filePath = PathInfo::PhoneMemoryRootPath();
    	// Open file
    	// On completion, MvruoOpenComplete will be called, and it will initiate
    	// the recording process by calling iUtility->Prepare
    	iUtility->OpenFileL(/*KNewVideoFileName*/filePath, aCameraHandle, iControllerUid, iFormatUid);	

    Where could be the problem in my code. Can anybody help me?


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