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    Create .sis File Failed Help Me Please!!!!

    Hi all

    I follow the steps of SDK Docment to Create a HelloWorld Application.
    When I Changing the Build Target and Creating a GCCE UREL Build, after make(F7).
    I didn't Find a file named "helloworldbasic.pkg"
    under my "C:\Symbian\9.1\S60_3rd\S60ex\helloworldbasic\sis"
    Only have a file named helloworldbasic_gcce.pkg,
    So I input "makesis helloworldbasic_gcce.pkg" under command prompt
    But the return message is

    Processing helloworldbasic_gcce.pkg...
    helloworldbasic_gcce.pkg(22) : error: file I/O fault.

    And I Open the file "helloworldbasic_gcce.pkg",
    there is "..\..\..\epoc32\data\z\resource\apps\helloworldbasic_aif.mif" at Line 22

    I can't find the file "helloworldbasic_aif.mif" on my disk

    Please Help me !!!!!!!!

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    Re: Create .sis File Failed Help Me Please!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by tkd82

    I can't find the file "helloworldbasic_aif.mif" on my disk

    Please Help me !!!!!!!!
    You can either remove the entry from the pkg file or make sure that a helloworldbasic_aif.mif file is being built by the tools. Try:

    bldmake bldfiles
    abld makefile all
    abld resource

    At this point you should have the mif file or some error message explaining why it canot be created ...

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