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    Time for a new Nokia Multimedia Converter?


    I have been using Nokia Multimedia Converter 2. for about 1 year now, and i love it. I can transfer all my home movies on my N70, and convert all the music files i have that don't work on my wife's 6230i easily.

    But just recently i purchased a N73, and noticed that it has a larger screen (supports 240x320) and the converter cannot convert to anything larger than half that size. Is there a new upcoming version to the 3 year old program, is mainly my question, or should i consider fiddling with outside software to achieve my goals?

    Also a nice feature if there is 1 in the works, would be a conversion to specific phone model for maximum optimization... like say convert a music file to a 6230i, or convert a video file to an N73.. etc...

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    Re: Time for a new Nokia Multimedia Converter?

    I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you.

    Since there is now commercial software such as Apple's Quicktime Pro that does these conversions, Nokia has decided not to further develop the Nokia Multimedia Converter at this time.


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    Re: Time for a new Nokia Multimedia Converter?

    Try SUPER from eRightSoft: http://www.erightsoft.com/home.html

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