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    N73 camera can't start

    Hi All,

    I am currently developing a camera application on S60 3rd edition platform. Things going well and the camera works fine until today.

    My N73 suddently can't power up the main/back camera. When I starts the bundled camera application, it starts as normal but there is no picture/video show on the viewfinder screen. No error message nor panic code reported.
    When the snapshot button pressed, the camera app re-entranted.

    The front camera is working fine. When I tried another Java application that uses the camera, it gives an error "Symbian OS Error: -2".

    The camera was working fine yesterday. I've tried reset the phone (*#7370#) but doesn't help.

    Is it possible my s/w damaged the camera hardware or it is some other software problem?

    Any help is appreciated.


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    Re: N73 camera can't start

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