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    video Playing in full screen

    Hi All,

    I am facing a strange problem while trying to play video in full view in nokia 6680. If i give ClientRect () area to container as well as player then on making full view(by SetRotationL(EVideoRotationClockwise90)) the video area is centralized in screen of mobile . If I give the Rect like TRect(TPoint(0,0),TPoint(176,208)) and try to play the video then in upper and lower area I get some blank pixel...I mwan to say that its not coming in full view. There is some blank space in upper and down area both.
    I have also tried the function SetScaleFactorL() but It is not creating any effect. Please suggest me guys what I should do for this. There is a way to do it because real Player is doing the same. Plz tell me what I m missing

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: video Playing in full screen

    The video player seems to have its own mind in quite many situations, and it appears that you should set it quite much to the client rect of the device. I had huge problems with 3250 as well when I tried giving any other sizes.


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