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    VPN access to corporate database

    Hi all,

    I am quite new to mobile development and I would appreciate very much some suggestions.

    I have a corporate Oracle database that I want to access from remote devices through tunneling over the TCP-IP company intranet (GSM >> DSL).

    I have seen that Nokia supplies a VPN gateway/client system. Has anybody some experience with regard to this?

    Which tools (SDK) are needed/advisable to develop an application (C++ or Java) to retrieve data via ODBC/JDBC from a remote database through VPN?

    How much could be more or less the cost (HW+SW+dev.kit) related to a solution like this? Does Nokia provide any support?

    Thanks for your help

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    Re: VPN access to corporate database

    Phones cost what they cost. The SDKs are free (and some of the development tools, too): http://forum.nokia.com/tools

    There's free peer support as here + whatever is available on Forum Nokia as documentation (whitepapers, etc.) and sample code, tools and utilities, etc.

    A more comprehensive service to companies through Forum Nokia PRO: http://pro.forum.nokia.com

    There's separate fee based tech support, too:

    As to the Nokia Mobile VPN client (and there are no other products currently available): It can work with different VPN gateways, but getting the client configured is difficult without a special server, Nokia Security Service Manager (NSSM). The only way to get the NSSM server is, as far as I know, if you buy a Nokia VPN gateway, too (it should be included).

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