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    Thumbs up KHTML Browser bug?

    We are trying to make a sis file which launches the KHTML/Safari Browser on Series 60 3rd edition phones and automatically opens a Flash Lite file.
    We are getting the following error:
    "Web: memory full...".

    The tests we have made with our sis:
    1) Launch the KHTML browser and open one swf which is available on
    the internet ("http://...."). Everything worked ok. The Browser opened the
    swf correctly.
    2) Launch the KHTML Browser and open a local html file (which was
    part of the sis). Everything worked ok. The browser opened the local HTML
    file correctly.
    3) Launch the KHTML Browser and open a local swf file (which was
    part of the sis). We got an error: "Web: memory full...". (it's not
    problem of the swf size, because we can open it correctly if downloaded
    from the Internet).

    We think that the browser isn't understanding the content type of the ".swf" file and crashes. To test this we have made two more tests:

    1) Launch the KHTML Browser and open a local txt file (which was
    part of the sis). Everything worked ok. The browser opened the local TXT
    file correctly.
    2) We repeated the previous test, changing the extension from "txt" to "xpto". The Browser crashed with the same error: "Web: memory full..."

    How can we force the Browser to open a local swf correctly? The src code we are using to launch the KHTML Browser is at the end of the message.

    Unfortunately we can't launch the swf directly on the Flash Player, because it has a bug/feature which is: If we launch a Flash Lite as stand alone, everytime that the swf accesses the network, the user is prompted to select the Access Point. This behavior doesn't happens if the swf is launched through the KHTML Browser.

    We would really appreciate some help to solve this problem. We have a product ready to market, and the only problem is this. According to our client, this is a real problem, and the project will stop/abort if we can't solve this problem.

    Thanks in advance.


    TFileName aFileName(KFile());


    const TUid KOSSBrowserUidValue = {0x1020724D};

    RApaLsSession apaLsSession;

    HBufC* param = HBufC::NewLC(64);


    param->Des().Copy(_L("4 "));



    CEikonEnv::InfoWinL(_L("Link to File"),param->Des());

    TUid id(KOSSBrowserUidValue);

    TApaTaskList taskList(CEikonEnv::Static()->WsSession());

    TApaTask task = taskList.FindApp(id);




    HBufC8* param8 = HBufC8::NewLC(param->Length());


    task.SendMessage(TUid::Uid(0), *param8); // UID not used









    TThreadId thread;

    User::LeaveIfError(apaLsSession.StartDocument(*param, KOSSBrowserUidValue, thread));




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    Re: KHTML Browser bug?

    Can any one please help me?
    I need to launch the KHTML Browser and force it to open a local swf file (installed with my sis file). I am getting the error "Web: memory full..." . I think this is happening because the browser isn't understanding the ".swf" extension (I can open local html files,...). It should "deliver" it to the Flash Lite Browser plugin. However, when downloaded from an URL, the browser correctly launches the Flash Lite plugin.
    How can I manage to solve this question?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: KHTML Browser bug?


    On Nokia 3rd edtion phones the KHTML Browser does not support Flash Lite 1.1 content. Only the WAP broser supports Flash Lite 1.1 content.

    Check out what I did: http://www.biskero.org/?p=600


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