Hi Nokia, I hope that some Nokia s60 symbian developers are hearing me:

I discover a partucular and annoying issue on s60 phones like 6600 and 6680 I bought, and the problem is exactly the same on both phones (so I think it depends on "message" application which is quite the same for both phones, not from symbian OS itself): typing new words for personal T9 over a certain limit cause a complete reset of the database of personal T9.

This may happens for me about every two months, I become surprised when it happens because I note that suddenly there aren't stored words more avaiable. No one I've typed before.
So I have to start again write one by one in the next times I'll write sms to store them again but I know that in future I will reach the limit again and loss all of them another time..
I tried to backup PTI9UDB0f.DAT (4k) and replace it when "clearing" occurs but no good results.. I don't know how it depends from.

There is any solution for this problem?
Is possible to fix this problem on the next FWs? For example a great solution will be overwrite only the first T9 word stored with the new when the limit is reached

Thank you