Hi all, I'd like to find the process which starts up the Nokia camera program everytime I open the cover of the back camera. This process is surely a server that boots up with phone, and there isn't any type of control for it.
The reasons to discover it are the following:

1. 6680 has a small amount of RAM, kill this process (which I think useless in most cases) could help me free a bit of RAM.
2. I'd like to assign that "switch" to open a program different from Nokia camera one. Is it possible to do? Knowing something about the server could help..
3. The feature could annoying in some situations, for example if I like to record a video and start the camcorder program when I open the cover I have to wait until the camera program starts and scroll menu to exit from it. This is very boring, in this case launching the camera application is totaly useless.

Plese help if there are solutions. Thanks