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    Making MMS App on Series 60 Emu. to talk to EAIF Emu.

    Hi All,
    I have a simple question here. Could you please tell how to make a simple MMS application (as in Nokia Forum MMSExample) in Nokia Series 60 Emulator -- to talk to(send mms to)-- EAIF emulator?
    Specifically, how to configure the Series 60 Emulator to send on port 8189 OR what service settings to enable in the application code for interfacing to EAIF emulator, as it listens on 8189 port on http://localhost:8000.
    Could you please clarify this point?


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    RE: Making MMS App on Series 60 Emu. to talk to EAIF Emu.


    There is no way to set the EAIF to interact with Series 60 emulator other than setting the inbox folder at EAIF properties. As in a real world, Series 60 phone communicates to the MMSC top of WAP protocol, not over the HTTP to EAIF interface. As the EAIF is a interface emulator for external applications not to phones.

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